FiGPin #841: My Hero Academia - Katsuki Bakugo

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Marke: FiGPin
Nummer: 841
Artikelnummer: 370712
Größe: ca. 7,6 cm

Collect Awesome. Share and display your FiGPiNS anywhere, anytime through our innovative pin backer and museum quality display cases. FiGPiNS can be displayed like your most coveted figure or worn as your favorite accessory. Pin them to your favorite bag or jacket, or simply display them on your desk. No matter where you put them you'll be sure to stand out! Each FiGPiN is crafted in cast zinc alloy inlaid with hard enamel and is finished with an electroplated nickel coating. All FiGPiNS include a unique alphanumeric serial number laser engraved on the back, making every single one uniquely yours. With the FiGPiN App you can unlock the serial number to discover the rarity of your FiGPiN and begin earning points as a proud owner of an awesome FiGPiN. Available now for Android & iOS devices!

Once you score these FiGPiNs, unlock them in the FiGPiN APP to see if you have won a chance at purchasing the Gold plated FiGPiN CHASE! Only 1,000 of the gold versions will be made for each FiGPiNs, so take your shot and secure them if you can! 

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